Manage your cloud operations according to security protocols and good practices

CloudOps is the practice of managing the delivery, tuning, optimization, and performance of workloads and services in AWS. Our CloudOps engineers provide senior expertise in how to run your CloudOps according to Well Architected principles.

CloudOps encompasses cloud platform engineering principles, combining elements of cloud architecture, IT operations, application development, security, and regulatory compliance to enable organizations to manage cloud-based applications and services. A CloudOps team enables an organization to ensure the cloud platform.

Key focus areas include the optimization of application performance, maintaining backup for disaster recovery and business continuity, automation of repetitive tasks, and ensuring end-to-end data and application security. Our senior experts can guide you to an efficient cloud operation, we can even manage workloads for you.

CloudOps experts

Our senior CloudOps experts are well-experienced consultants who can help you set up secure and cost-efficient operations practices.

Tobias Edvardsson


Tobias is a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional with extensive experience in setting up secure, cost-efficient, and scalable architectures.

Christoffer Pozeus


Christoffer is a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional with extensive experience in setting up secure, cost-efficient, and scalable architectures.

Kennet Wahlberg


Kennet is a senior consultant in Well-Architected Framework. The AWS Well-Architected Framework describes key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud.

Anders Eriksson


Anders is a senior consultant in Cloud Financial Management (CFM). CFM is a set of activities enabling Finance and Technology organizations to manage, optimize and predict costs as they run more workloads in the cloud.

CloudOps services

Well Architected

Optimize your cloud workloads by utilizing the Well Architected Framework. We perform reviews and act as your trusted partner.


SysOps encompasses a wide range of IT operations and administration including monitoring, backup security, and compliance which we provide to our customers.

Cloud Financial Management

Set up a capability to manage, optimize and predict costs including tagging strategies and charge-back models.


Automate repetitive tasks and make better use of your IT resources.

Integration as a Service

Use serverless integrations and automated management to reduce cost of integrations.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Set up a CCoE responsible for creating and implementing cloud related best practices.

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