Migrate data and resources to enable digital transformation

Digital innovation and transformation require data. Data need to be transferred to the cloud in a secure and cost-efficient way. Once data is in the cloud, you can leverage all the services in the cloud to unlock your business potential. Our experts will help you get your data into the cloud.

Moving data and applications to the cloud is the first step to leveraging available cloud services. Consuming innovative cloud services on a pay-per-use basis provides the fundamentals for innovation. However, setting up cloud architectures and integrating on-prem environments with cloud services requires experience and knowledge. You can easily end up with expensive bills if you are not familiar with infrastructure as code.

You also need to carefully decide what to move, how to move it, and when to move it. Not all applications are suitable to run in a cloud environment and data dependencies will also have an impact on the decisions being made. Some applications will include more or less technical debt that you might need to refactor before it can be moved and some might need to be containerized to work properly in a cloud environment.

Senior solution architects

Our senior solutions architects are here to help you find the answers to how you can leverage the cloud by moving applications and data to the cloud in a secure, cost-efficient and scalable manner. 

Tobias Edvardsson


Tobias is a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional with extensive experience in setting up secure, cost-efficient, and scalable architectures.

Christoffer Pozeus


Christoffer is a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional with extensive experience in setting up secure, cost-efficient, and scalable architectures.

Migration services

Elva Landing Zone

The ELZ is a pre-configured, multi-account AWS environment that serves as a launching pad for your cloud journey

Database Migration

Discover the wide range of databases in AWS. Choose from 15 purpose-built databases, including relational, key value, document, in-memory, graph, and time series DB.

Application Migration

Move your applications to AWS. We can help you with a migration strategy and map the right path for each application according to the 6 R's.

ERP refactoring

Remove technical debt from your critical ERP system to improve performance, reduce cost and create technical change readiness.

Virtual Private Cloud

Connect your existing datacenter with AWS and create a Virtual Private Cloud for seamless integration with cloud services in AWS..

Integration as a Service

Use serverless integrations and automated management to reduce the cost of integrations..

Elva customer cloud journey


Explore and evaluate your company's potential in AWS


Migrate your on-prem workloads to cloud-based services in AWS


Unleash your business potential with modern cloud technologies


Operate and optimize your cloud workloads