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Introducing Elva Group

100% AWS. 100% serverless.

We are proud to announce that we are starting up a cloud native AWS partner in both Gothenburg and Örebro with a single focus – 100% AWS and 100% serverless.

We are senior developers, architects and engineers that embrace Amazon Web Services and serverless.


Separate stateful infrastructure with serverless compose

One of the most significant benefits with serverless is that the development teams can fully own and manage their infrastructure themselves. Keeping all of that infrastructure in the same CloudFormation can sometimes be troublesome.


Introduction to event-driven architecture

Many organizations are choosing to build more event-driven application architectures. This enables a subscriber or target services to automatically perform work in response to events triggered by publishers or source services. This event-driven pattern allows teams to operate more independently, releasing new features faster and making their applications more scalable.

Join the serverless movement

We’re looking for awesome people with a passion for cloud technologies. Let’s have a chat and find out if we’re a match.

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