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Getting started with AWS at a fixed price

Are you tired of the hassle and confusion that comes with migrating to the cloud or managing your AWS environment? Elva Landing Zone is a service that reduces all the complexity of getting started with AWS to a fixed price.


Charge your next board meeting with digital business experts from Elva Group

There are many questions about the digitalization of a business in boardrooms today. The major challenge is to understand how modern technology can infuse business models to create competitive advantages and shareholder value. Elva’s digital business experts are certified board workers and can provide the tools you need to get started with your company’s digital transformation.


Building an IoT powered fridge

Imagine the scenario: guests are about to arrive, and you realize your fridge is running low on beer. Your BoA (Beverage on Arrival) SLA is in danger, and panic sets in, but fear not! In this blog post, Joel Roxell walks you through a solution he has devised to never end up in this situation again. By integrating AWS services, IoT technology, Lambda functions, and even a touch of Rust programming,  Elva created a system that not only alerts us when our beverage stock is running low but also has the potential to automatically place orders to replenish our supplies in the future.


Get your idea deployed to prod already

You know that nifty idea you’ve been thinking about? The website that would revolutionize how you rule a small country/go grocery shopping? Whatever your idea is you can’t share it with anyone because it’s still in your head. It’s time to do something about it. Take 15 minutes and get it deployed serverlessly and forever hanging over your head as something you “should finish some time”.


Unlocking Scalability: Harnessing the Power of SQS and Lambda Integration

Christoffer Pozeus writes on the Elva blog about AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Lambda. Combining these two services can enable robust and event-driven architectures. 


Using AppConfig Feature Flags with Organization Units

Alvin Johansson writes on the Elva blog about managing feature flags with AWS AppConfig cross-account with Organizational Units! 


How to save thousands of dollars on AWS WAF

Sebastian Bille shares how you can save thousands of dollars on AWS WAF through some nifty billing jiu-jitsu if you’ve got a large AWS organization!


Why technical change readiness is key to digital transformation

Are you using your ERP system as the main toolbox for digital transformation? Are you struggling with heavy customization and difficulties in upgrading your ERP system to the latest version? This is what this blog post is about, master your technical change readiness with a bimodal mode of operation and cloud services.


Rust is the vegan crossfit of programming

Read about how to deploy a Rust-lambda in AWS using CDK.


Separate stateful infrastructure with serverless compose

One of the most significant benefits with serverless is that the development teams can fully own and manage their infrastructure themselves. Keeping all of that infrastructure in the same CloudFormation can sometimes be troublesome.


Introduction to event-driven architecture

Many organizations are choosing to build more event-driven application architectures. This enables a subscriber or target services to automatically perform work in response to events triggered by publishers or source services. This event-driven pattern allows teams to operate more independently, releasing new features faster and making their applications more scalable.


Managing AWS at scale

When you are working within a larger organization, you are faced with unique challenges when it comes to the AWS platform. One strategy which mitigates several issues is to start splitting different responsibilities into different accounts. This creates clearer boundaries and enables you on a broader scale to manage policies and access.

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