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During the day, Alvin helps create customer value for Derome and afterward, he spends time with one of his many hobbies. It might be assembling mechanical keyboards, choosing an interesting roast of coffee, or trying a new tabletop RPG. In any case, he’s seldom bored.

Meet Alvin!

Moving to Örebro from the small town of Strängnäs in search of education was a fairly easy choice. Bigger city, bigger opportunities. Right? This has proven to be true as Alvin’s hunger for new interesting technologies and fun people led him straight to Elva.

While finishing up his university studies, he got the chance to start working with #serverless technologies and #AWS. This was a huge step as it contrasted everything he’d learned at school. It also falls in line with his love of sustainability and forward-thinking. Suddenly the morning routine involved reading AWS announcements while sipping coffee.

Alvin Johansson


Introducing Elva Group

100% AWS. 100% serverless.

We are proud to announce that we are starting up a cloud native AWS partner in both Gothenburg and Örebro with a single focus – 100% AWS and 100% serverless.


Elva Group is now AWS select partner

Elva Group has in record time achieved AWS Select Tier partner status for consulting services. It proves our commitment to AWS and is a quality mark for our customers.

We are senior developers, architects and engineers that embrace Amazon Web Services and serverless.

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You can easily schedule a meeting with Anders if you’re interested in getting to know Elva a bit more or if you have specific questions regarding our services. Just press the button below and select a 30-minute time slot.

Anders Eriksson



Getting started with AWS at a fixed price

Are you tired of the hassle and confusion that comes with migrating to the cloud or managing your AWS environment? Elva Landing Zone is a service that reduces all the complexity of getting started with AWS to a fixed price.


Why technical change readiness is key to digital transformation

Are you using your ERP system as the main toolbox for digital transformation? Are you struggling with heavy customization and difficulties in upgrading your ERP system to the latest version? This is what this blog post is about, master your technical change readiness with a bimodal mode of operation and cloud services.


Rust is the vegan crossfit of programming

Read about how to deploy a Rust-lambda in AWS using CDK.


Separate stateful infrastructure with serverless compose

One of the most significant benefits with serverless is that the development teams can fully own and manage their infrastructure themselves. Keeping all of that infrastructure in the same CloudFormation can sometimes be troublesome.


Introduction to event-driven architecture

Many organizations are choosing to build more event-driven application architectures. This enables a subscriber or target services to automatically perform work in response to events triggered by publishers or source services. This event-driven pattern allows teams to operate more independently, releasing new features faster and making their applications more scalable.


Managing AWS at scale

When you are working within a larger organization, you are faced with unique challenges when it comes to the AWS platform. One strategy which mitigates several issues is to start splitting different responsibilities into different accounts. This creates clearer boundaries and enables you on a broader scale to manage policies and access.

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