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Many questions must be answered before you embark on a cloud journey. The most interesting question is to find out what kind of business opportunities you can unlock with cloud services. Our senior consultants have the experience and the knowledge you need for decision-making.

80% of businesses are still using traditional strategies to provide shareholder value. At the same time, a majority believe that digitalization will have a major impact on how business is done in the future. The domain where boards fall short in experience is how modern technologies can provide business value and competitive advantages. An insight that is hard to gain as technologists often are too techy and management consultants are usually too abstract.

Our digital business experts have extensive experience in the intersection between business and technology. They are used to lead digital discussions as professional and certified board members and have hands-on experience in how to design, build and implement digital strategies in medium to large enterprises. Why not invite them to your next board meeting and get some inspiration? 

Digital business experts

Our digital business experts are senior management consultants with hands-on experience in change management and digital transformation. They can put modern technologies into a business context that make sense for non-tech people.

Kennet Wahlberg


Kennet is a professional board member and certified by Styrelseakademien in Sweden. He holds a Master of Science degree from Chalmers and has extensive experience in how modern technologies can create new business values and competitive advantages. Kennet is also an authority within the security domain which is an important part of digitalization and globalization.

Anders Eriksson


Anders is a professional board member and certified by Styrelseakademien in Sweden. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Henley Management College and has long experience in change management and digital transformation. Anders is able to translate complex technology into a clear language that makes sense for business leaders.

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Board Meeting

Charge your next board meeting with digital business experts from Elva. Inspire your board of directors in digital strategies and learn how to increase your shareholder value with innovative digital services.

Digital Strategy

A cloud journey starts with a digital ambition to provide something not existing today. Identify your digital opportunities and decide on your digital strategy.

Cloud Due Diligence

Find out if it makes sense for your organization to move to the cloud. The CDD service answers all the questions and provides a solid business case and a clear roadmap.

Application Modernization

A cloud-first strategy will have implications for your application landscape. An application strategy will provide guidelines for how to implement a cloud first strategy.

IT Modernization

Find out how you can optimize on-prem and cloud technologies during a transformation process to the cloud, reaping the benefits from both.

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