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Customer expectations constantly evolve – higher quality, lower prices, and better customer experience. Digital innovation usually starts with the customer interface. How can you improve your customer experience and ease of doing business with you? Elva can spark ideas and build prototypes in weeks.

The shift from traditional software and waterfall projects to modern and agile application development in the cloud is a big task for most organizations. Old ways need to be challenged by new ways of how to design, build and implement software. It’s not only about technology but equally important to manage change and get people to embrace a new way of thinking. Modern application development usually starts with crafting a minimum viable product (MVP). The purpose of the MVP is to prove

the application idea and get feedback as soon as possible from different stakeholders. The feedback becomes the feature backlog and ensures that development is aligned with real needs. Our Tech Leads have extensive experience in not only building digital products in a few weeks but also facilitating the practices around modern application development. Setting up the organizational capabilities around agile development is as important as the products itself.

Senior Tech Leads

Our Senior Tech Leads are experienced leaders and engineers who can take your idea into a working prototype in weeks.

Mårten Karlberg


Mårten is a senior Tech Lead with extensive experience with all cloud platforms; Google, Azure, and AWS. He is used to leading and performing R&D assignments both as an engineer and a Tech Lead. He has also been a Lead Research Engineer in applied AI and has a master’s degree in Geographical Information Science (GIS).

Sebastian Bille


Sebastian is a senior Tech Lead, architect, and developer. He is an active member of the AWS community and regularly talks and writes about new tech and problems he encounters. Sebastian is also a problem solver and thoroughly enjoys designing and building modern cloud applications.

Johan Larsson


Johan is a calm and analytical senior Tech Lead, architect, and developer. He is a quick learner and embraces change which has worked in many different domains and multiple roles. Johan is, by his very nature, curious and passionate about delivering and improving technical solutions. Johan has many years of experience in application development. 

Andreas Hagman


Andreas is a passionate and creative Tech Lead, Scrum, and developer with extensive experience in application development. He enjoys trying out new tech and ideas and strives to constantly improve and enhance his abilities. Andreas values quality very highly and always delivers on his promises. 

Digital Innovation Services

DevOps as a Service

Elva provides a fully integrated DevOps team who can build your digital products securely, cost-efficiently, and scalable.

Event Driven Architecture

Acting on events created in your backend systems is vital to modern architecture. New logic provides new value.

MVP workshops

Test your ideas with a team from Elva. We break down your ideas into a minimum viable product to be delivered in weeks.

Data lake

A data lake is an important component of a data-driven strategy. Store your data in a data lake and build services from there.


A customer interface to access data and services from your company requires a single-sign-on solution. Elva can help you provide a seamless customer experience.

Elva customer cloud journey


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Migrate your on-prem workloads to cloud-based services in AWS


Unleash your business potential with modern cloud technologies


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