Tobias Edvardsson

Meet Tobias

Being born into a family of painters Tobias made the obvious choice to become an electrician. While spending time together with cables and electric shocks, he took the step to not just having computers and the internet as a hobby but to actually pursue higher education.

After learning everything there is to know about the frat life at Chalmers, he graduated ready to start his journey as a Computer Engineer. Tobias can act a part in the role you decide to put him into. Give him a technical problem you want to solve, and a solution will come out on the other side, regardless of if that requires leading a team or learning a new programming language.

He is also the current titleholder of ‘Grillmaster’ at Elva and can sear a steak to near perfection. His current assignment is in the platform team at Polestar Digital, trying his best to simplify life for the hundreds of developers building products for the next generation of electric cars.

Tobias Edvardsson