Welcome to Elva Örebro. We are cloud native consultants focusing on AWS and serverless technologies.

Every now and again you meet people who, from the get-go, improve your life.

In a work situation it’s a big bonus if they are skilled and driven as well. This is exactly what happened in Örebro some years ago. A couple of us worked together and became friends. We lived, loved and laughed and went on our separate (work) ways just to find our way back together again. Starting this. Elva.

At the time of writing our office is being built. It will be situated in the very center of the city, overlooking the rooftops from a private terrace. In this space we aim to bring together some of the people who inspire us at work and that we love spending time with. We aim to build a company fit to house driven people who love to work with AWS and serverless. People with freedom to plan their life as it best suits them while at the same time wanting to spend time with colleagues and do wonders for our customers.






Drottninggatan 26, Örebro

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