Olof Larsson

Meet Olof!

Coming from a family owning a business in the gravel industry, Olof learned from a young age to become a hard worker, spending most of his weekends and vacations in the gravel pit. Although Olof’s real passion was with computers and whenever he had some time over, he was playing, experimenting, and making digital audio and video productions on his computer.

Before becoming a software developer, Olof worked as a cameraman and video editor at a small TV production company in Borås. Alongside work, he taught himself to develop video players, games, and applications in Flash (Actionscript).

Sixteen years and a bunch of technologies later, Olof’s current assignment is working in the Platform team at Polestar, providing the Polestar developers with support and knowledge so that they may manage their daily development activities as smoothly as possible.

Olof lives with his wife, two-year-old son, and five-year-old Italian greyhound in an apartment by the sea in Torslanda, Gothenburg. In his spare time, he likes to solve problems, build stuff and be creative; he is currently learning to master laser cutting. Also, he is buddy with the rowing machine in the gym and they hang out at least a couple of times per week.

Olof Larsson