Mårten Karlberg

Meet Mårten

After moving around for 15 years, Mårten chose to return to Örebro, the town he grew up in. This turned out to be a lucky shot. At his new job, he stumbled over serverless and met the guys that are now building Elva together.

Mårten loves challenging himself and learning new things. He reaches his full potential as a software engineer when he gets a chance to work on innovative ideas that, in some way or another, help us move towards a more sustainable living. At his current assignment, he is building a serverless application platform for the Innovation Lab at Volvo Group Connected Solutions.

When the working day is over and the kids are sound asleep, you’re likely to find Mårten involved with one of his music projects. Maybe at the piano, making another amateurish attempt at classical composition, maybe programming audible noise on his RUSTy DSP setup, or maybe banging the drums in his skate punk band as if time stood still since 1994. Well, if it’s not winter, that is. Then he’s probably out skiing somewhere in “the blue mountains” west of Örebro.

Mårten Karlberg