AWS select partner

Elva Group is now a select tier partner to AWS

Elva Group has in record time achieved select tier status to AWS in consulting services. It proves the commitment to AWS and ensures customers that Elva Group has in-depth knowledge about AWS cloud services.

Elva Group was founded in august 2022 and just a few months later, we’ve managed to achieve a select tier status for consulting services to AWS. This is an important step for the group in many ways. 

First, a select tier status gives us access to benefits from AWS which we can provide to our customers. That might be funding for proof of concepts to enable our customers to try new ideas or access key expertise in AWS for successful implementations or designs.

Second, it enables us to work more closely with AWS and collaborate to make our customers succeed in their cloud journeys.

Third, it’s an important statement to AWS and our customers that we are investing in our partnership to ensure that we always provide the highest value to our customers.

We are already aiming for advanced tier status so stay tuned for further updates.