Alvin Johansson

Meet Alvin

Moving to Örebro from the small town of Strängnäs in search of education was a fairly easy choice. Bigger city, bigger opportunities. Right? This has proven to be true as Alvin’s hunger for new interesting technologies and fun people led him straight to Elva.

While finishing up his university studies, he got the chance to start working with #serverless technologies and #AWS. This was a huge step as it contrasted everything he’d learned at school. It also falls in line with his love of sustainability and forward-thinking. Suddenly the morning routine involved reading AWS announcements while sipping coffee.

During the day he helps create customer value for Derome and afterward he spends time with one of his many hobbies. It might be assembling mechanical keyboards, choosing an interesting roast of coffee, or trying a new tabletop RPG. In any case, he’s seldom bored.

Alvin Johansson